Made from the choicest Malwa potatoes, our flagship product, Yati’s Potato Chips is a product that you can feel confident and safe in bringing into your home and to your dining table. The high quality and purity, similar to your mother’s cooking are the USP of our chips. The added advantage of flexibility of preparing the chips in a manner most convenient to you by frying or baking makes Yati’s a favorite amongst our customers.

What makes our chips so great?

  • Is it the machine drying technology used to prepare them?

  • Is it because they are a perfect fariyali item? Free from added preservatives, color and flavor, it is a perfect “feast for fast”.

  • Is it the rich color that sysmbolises its purity?

  • Is it the uniformity in size that makes it a treat for the eyes?

  • Is it the chips’ aroma that makes your mouth water?

  • Or is it the mental peace that you get for knowing that you have made the right buy?

While we put in our heart to make produce food items that your family will love and applaud you for choosing, we invite you to tell us why you feel that Yati’s Chips are so great.

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